About LiveWell Longmont

Committed to health and wellbeing since 2008, the LiveWell Longmont coalition strives to positively impact community health by supporting education, shaping wellness policies, and inspiring and enabling community members to engage in healthier lifestyles.

Our Mission

Make Longmont the healthiest city in the healthiest state.


LiveWell Longmont Goals

Commit to the health and wellbeing of our youngest community members. We provide resources to schools, work to secure funding for the district’s wellness goals, partner with St. Vrain Valley Schools Nutrition Services, and support policy change impacting student health.

Build and enhance worksite wellness programs for employers of all sizes. We provide technical assistance, coordinate education and networking opportunities, craft wellness plans, assist with evaluating needs and progress, and more. For a complete list of services, please check out our worksite wellness brochure, below.

Advocate health and wellness. Our close relationships with the City of Longmont, Boulder County Public Health, Longmont United Hospital, and numerous other partners helps raise awareness about policies, community action plans, and services to make Longmont a healthier place to live, work and play.

Check out our LiveWell Longmont Brochure for a snapshot of successes on the way to achieving our goals!

At LiveWell Longmont, we believe in your happiness, your health and you.
A healthier Longmont starts with a healthier you. You’ve got the power!

Longmont Employers! We want to help add FUN and FUEL to your wellness programs and plans, for FREE! We’re continuously working on building and compiling helpful resources and opportunities to motivate one another as a community. Why? We’re a nonprofit that is committed to a healthy Longmont! We’re not pitching a product, spamming you with sales, or pushing an agenda. We’re here to help increase and celebrate health within our own community. It’s as simple as that.

Supports we offer include: customizable media templates centered on healthy eating and active living; articles for your use in newsletters, email blasts, and other publications; healthy tips and strategies; participation in fun, healthy challenges and chances to win cool schwag throughout the year from local vendors; and more! We’re always evolving in our quest to meet YOUR needs. For more info, please contact Erika, at [email protected]

Looking for resources, events, or info on any and all things Longmont? Visit our partner, Longmont Compass, and be sure to check in with our LWL Wellness page!

LiveWell Longmont Staff:

Melissa Trecoske Houghton :: Manager
Erika Wey :: Community Engagement Strategist
Katie Bauer :: Program Evaluator Consultant
Wendy McMillan :: External Communications Consultant

LiveWell Longmont Steering Committee

John Ahrens :: St. Vrain Valley School District
Eric Bergeson :: Chairperson :: Chair, At Large
Rob Berry :: St. Vrain Valley School District
Clint Flanagan, MD :: North Vista Medical Center
Erin Fosdick :: City of Longmont
Dan Frank :: Longmont United Hospital with Centura
Susan Heikkinen RD :: Kaiser Permanente
Susan Motika :: Boulder County Public Health
Michelle Orge :: Community Food Share
Karen Roney :: City of Longmont
Edwina Salazar :: The OUR Center
Jeff Zayach :: Boulder County Public Health