Active Living = Fit, Fun, and Fabulous!

In the Community

An active lifestyle makes an amazing difference. You’ll maintain healthy weight, energy, and sleep patterns, lower stress and the risk of chronic diseases, and improve your overall health and well being. Lucky for us, outdoor treasures abound all across Longmont to make being active even more fun.

Local trails and greenways offer recreation seekers scenic vistas and a bounty of eco-friendly possibilities. Collectively, our network of bike trails, walking paths, city parks, and our community’s unique amenities add up to 1,915 acres of fun, fit options. Bonus: see our events calendar for biking and walking tours, races, and classes for upcoming events.

At School

Gym class isn’t the only way kids can keep active. While schools still consider physical education a top priority, healthy habits and active skills should be routine for kids throughout the day. Especially since it aids their physical health, emotional well being, and academic performance.

Take St. Vrain Valley Schools, for instance. LiveWell helped the district secure nearly $1 million for a multi-year physical education grant from the Colorado Health Foundation, yielding new equipment and stellar training programs for teachers.

LiveWell Longmont partner, SRTS (Safe Routes to Schools), also supports children’s health by motivating students to walk, bike, or scooter to and from school—anything with their own engine—along the safest routes possible. Get involved by reaching out to Longmont SRTS Coordinator Sarah Harter at [email protected].

At Work

Staying active at work can be challenging, especially if you’re stuck in a cube from 9 to 5 (and then some). Fortunately, simple daily steps can ward off neck kinks, back aches, and general lethargy. Stand up and stretch regularly to dust off cobwebs and refresh yourself with a much-needed burst of energy. Skip the elevator and take the stairs. Walking meetings and brainstorming sessions are other smart ways to keep the creative juices flowing. And, if you can, commute by bike or on foot—not by car.

LiveWell also works behind the scenes with Longmont businesses to give employees access to healthy food, beverages, and physical activities. The result? A more productive workplace! Want tips for your own company? Go to LiveWell Colorado’s Healthy Workplaces page!