Healthy Eating Today, Healthy Bodies Tomorrow

At Home

Say no to calories and undesirable sugars, fats and sodium. Say yes to fresh produce, lean meats and whole grains. Cooking at home lets you hand pick what goes into your meals. You can also prepare ready-to-go snacks for your family. Cut veggies and fresh fruits, and store in clear, convenient containers. Tuck away tempting desserts, reserving them only for special treats.

Interested in terrific meal ideas you and your family will love? Visit LiveWell Colorado’s Healthy Lifestyle Recipe Center.

At School

More schools are embracing healthy eating options to help kids grow into strong, happy, productive adults. Here in Longmont, the St. Vrain Valley Schools (SVVS) Department of Nutrition Services provides quality, balanced meals, which meet the National School Breakfast and Lunch nutritional guidelines. The payoff is significant, visible, and rewarding. “We source local, organic food as much as possible,” says Shelly Allen, SVVS Director of Nutrition Services. “When kids say how good the food is, and you know you’re giving them wholesome fuel, that makes your day,” Allen says.

How can you support healthy schools, and fuel growing students with smart lunch and snack choices? LiveWell Longmont maintains a close relationship with SVVSD School Wellness Coordinator, Sarah Harter. Contact her for more info at [email protected], and find out more by visiting LiveWell Colorado’s Healthy Schools.

At Work

Tight deadlines. Long hours. Doughnuts hibernating in the staffroom. Undoubtedly, your workplace challenges your daily eating habits. Good news: you can still maintain your healthy goals at work—before you even walk out your front door. Eating a wholesome breakfast at home gives you all day energy. Think oatmeal, nuts, yogurt, and fresh fruit. In the afternoon, fight vending machine urges. Keep raisins, low-fat string cheese, or unsalted mixed nuts at your desk. Lunch and dinner meetings are another potential way to stray. At restaurants, look for healthier meal choices.

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