Longmont Multi-Use Corridor Survey: Two Minutes to Build a Safer, Healthier Longmont for Cyclists & Pedestrians (and everyone)

Isn’t Longmont lovely? We have so much going for us–access to everything, small-town feel, caring community, and progressive local government that truly prioritizes livability. Walking and biking here is a beautiful way to be active, supported by our 158 miles of greenway paths and bike lanes. For short trips around town, our Bike Share program is an innovative way the city encourages active transport while also supporting mitigation of traffic related issues, such as congestion and parking availability. Now, if only there were a cohesive system connecting our various paths for even greater safe, enjoyable active options citywide. Wouldn’t that be great? The City thinks so, too, and you’re invited to help guide what next steps can make that happen for the biggest impact.

LiveWell Longmont is currently conducting surveys to supply the City with informative data to help prioritize projects focused on making cycling and walking in Longmont safer and more pleasant. Central to ongoing inquiry and study is identifying corridors with specific needs. Enhanced Multi-Use Corridors are street corridors that provide safe, comfortable, low-stress bicycle and pedestrian facilities and opportunities. Much like multi-use trails, the ultimate aim is to provide connectivity within the City’s trail system and multi-modal transportation network. In working to that goal, the City is looking at various corridors, such as 21st street, the Lamplighter/Oligarchy Ditch area, and others, both noting improvements that can be made–such as adding bike lanes– and seeking to determine which areas would be most highly used, as these will have priority.

“By completing our survey, Longmont community members have an exciting opportunity to inform potential infrastructure improvements for pedestrians and cyclists,” says Christina Edstrom, who has been coordinating survey efforts, managing a team to reach out to businesses, churches, and other organizations as well as individuals. “It’s a great, simple way to give your opinion on how to make Longmont an even better place to bike, walk, and run. And your voice will be heard. We’re looking at every comment seriously.” (As an added bonus, simply filling out the survey includes the chance to earn a $25 gift certificate at Target or Lowe’s.)

LiveWell Longmont will continue to conduct survey work through the end of March. Our goal is to collect 2000 surveys–and the more the merrier. Please follow this link to share your voice: https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/GqB5fy

If completing the online form isn’t an option, we have paper available. We will be at numerous events throughout the month, and will frequently be represented at Longmont Recreation Center. You can also contact Christina Edstrom at [email protected]. Thank you for helping build our healthy Longmont future! It’s true small things can add up to big progress. Two minutes of your time could mean a lifetime of more healthy options.  

Photo credit: Nathan C. Pulley Photography

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