New Year, New You: SMART Starts and Giveaway


Happy 2015, Longmont! Here’s to fresh starts, renewed drive, and a chance to reflect on meaningful, sustainable ways to make healthy lifestyle changes, or to keep the momentum going. New Year’s resolutions represent an opportunity to identify what is most important to us in the long-term, and to care for ourselves by prioritizing healthy progress. Looking back on the past year, celebrate your successes, but don’t let falling short of what you had hoped to accomplish get you down. Instead, turn the results to good use. How can you use your experiences to create new goals for a new year? 

Making lifestyle changes can be challenging. Whether you are trying to maintain your weight through tempting celebrations, are focused on making (and sticking to) healthy New Year’s resolutions, or are simply trying to kick a bad habit or two, there are always bumps in the road. Many people find having a goal in mind helps maintain focus; something to work toward motivates them to stay on track, and provides a measure of how well they are doing. Here, some tips for effective goal setting. Just trying is success when it comes to making progress. Here, some helpful tips to get you going. Remember, everyday is a chance to make healthy choices!
Pinpoint your ultimate goal. Be realistic and specific.
Make your goals known to others. This will help you commit and your friends and family will help hold you accountable.
Work out a road map to achieve your goal. Set a starting point, and build slowly at a pace that feels right for you. Set a reasonable time frame.
Break down your ultimate goal into small, specific and achievable mini-goals. You are more likely to reach your ultimate goal if you break it down into small, short-term goals. Short-term goals are specific daily actions or behaviors that lead you to your ultimate goal.
Monitor your progress regularly. Make your mini-goals measurable. Decide how you are going to monitor your progress and record it daily. Examples are pictures of yourself, a progress journal, etc.
Include a healthy reward in your goal-setting process. Plan for how you will benefit, and reward yourself, if you meet this goal.
Adapt your goals to fit changing circumstances. Be prepared to handle life’s interruptions. Don’t berate yourself or give up if you fall short. If your goal seems beyond you, set your sights a little lower, readjust your mini-goals and stay motivated.
Make it a S.M.A.R.T. goal. This will help make your goal be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.
Got some goals in mind? Share one of your healthy goals on our LWL Facebook page  (or email us at [email protected]) by  noon on the 31st to be entered in a drawing for a free gift basket of great gluten-free products from Ancient Harvest! Each share will be entered in our drawing. Include #HealthyLongmont on your post or in the subject line. The winner will be selected that afternoon!

3 thoughts on “New Year, New You: SMART Starts and Giveaway

  1. Nate Burger

    I agree 100% with these tips for setting goals and making resolutions. It’s a wonderful idea to break them down into mini-goals and reward yourself often. Motivation is key, you just have to go about it the right way. Thanks for this guide – it has helped a ton!


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