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Weigh and Win Begins Fifth Year with

60,000 Participants and 66 Kiosk Locations throughout Colorado 

47 Percent of Participants with Two or More Weigh-ins have Achieved a 5 Percent Weight Improvement

DENVER, March 18, 2015 ­­– Weigh and Win launches its fifth successful year as Colorado’s premier digital health and wellness program. Since inception in 2011, the only free, community platform that pays participants to lose weight has seen great successes, enrolling 60,000 participants and partnering with 66 community kiosk hosts throughout Colorado. In total, Coloradans have shed 178,000 pounds and earned more than $300,000 in cash rewards. Weigh and Win is primarily funded byKaiser Permanente.

Last year alone, 15,000 Coloradans enrolled in the program and 13 new kiosks were installed across the state.

“When we launched Weigh and Win more than four years ago, we hoped to inspire and motivate Coloradans to live healthier lifestyles. Today, the program has reached tens of thousands of individuals all across our state,” said Jandel Allen-Davis, MD, vice president of government, external relations, and research for Kaiser Permanente Colorado. “We couldn’t be more excited about the tremendous success of Weigh and Win and we look forward to what’s ahead.”

Weigh and Win is offered for free to all Colorado residents 18 and older and provides tailored health coaching via text message and email. Participants receive fitness and nutrition plans, a weekly grocery list and unlimited access to health coaches over the phone or email. Cash incentives are provided for those with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or greater, as well as other prizes for those who begin the program with a healthy BMI.

Progress is tracked through quarterly weigh-ins at community kiosks. The kiosk measures weight, BMI, and takes a full-lengthphotograph – providing a visual progress report of participant weight improvement.

“Not only did I lose weight, I increased my fitness level and created healthy eating habits I plan on maintaining for the rest of my life,” said Weigh and Win participant John Bullers. “Weigh and Win kept me motivated by sending helpful emails and rewarding me for my efforts. I’m not sure I could have made it without their help.”

The average weight improvement for a successful Weigh and Win participant after one year in the program is 17.7 pounds or an 8 percent weight loss. Recent research suggests that even a weight loss of 3-5 percent produces meaningful health benefits, such as reducing risk for Type 2 Diabetes and the need for cholesterol and heart medications. To date, 47 percent of participants with two or more weigh-ins, who have been involved in the program for six months or more, have achieved a 5 percent weight improvement and 60 percent of participants from the same population have achieved a 3 percent improvement.

“We are excited to launch several major enhancements to the Weigh and Win platform in 2015,” said Todd McGuire, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of the program. “We are currently testing a new smart phone app that will allow our participants to access their personalized meal and exercise plans, via their phone, as well as provide location-based meal recommendations, triggered by simply walking into a restaurant. Participants will also have one-touch access to be connected to a live Health Coach for on-the-spot support.”

In addition, Weigh and Win is currently beta testing a Spanish module that will provide daily nutrition and exercise coaching via SMS Spanish text message, as well as the Weigh and Win kiosk experience in Spanish.

In December 2014, Weigh and Win awarded grants to eight kiosk partners. Recipients included Boulder Valley School District, City of Arvada, Clinica Family Health Services, Elizabeth School District, Lake County Public Health Agency, North Colorado Health Alliance/Sunrise Community Health, Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Craig and Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Steamboat Springs. The grants were funded by Kaiser Permanente and matched by the aforementioned partners.

The success of the program has also improved the financial health of Colorado communities. For every $1 invested into the program, $3.42 is saved in reduced health care costs, according to an independent analysis done by a Ph.D. researcher at Colorado State University.

The first annual Weigh and Win Conference will take place Thursday, Oct. 8, at the Boettcher Mansion in Golden, Colorado.

New participants can enroll online at or at any of the 66 kiosks located throughout Colorado. See herefor a full list of kiosk locations.


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