Ride On: Upcoming Bicycle Rodeo Builds Safety and Handling Skills for Kids

Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live. –Mark Twain

Remember the joy, the freedom, when a trusted adult let go of your saddle and you sailed ahead boldly on your bike without training wheels for the first time? Or maybe you’re young enough that a strider or other balance-oriented bike let you bypass the training wheels in the first place. Either way, the connection between a rider and a two-wheeled steed is a special one.

A bicycle embodies so much of childhood: simple, carefree days, independent exploration, the invincible feelings of lightness and speed. What’s maybe even better, while we all grow older, there’s no inevitability we must outgrow our bikes. Trades and upgrades happen, but our bikes are there. They’re there for us when we want to climb mountains, when we slog through our morning and evening commutes (more enjoyable when we’re commuting with pedal power), when we want to go fast, and when we just want to amble, enjoy the scenery and think. They’re lifetime friends.

All of us who have known bikes have lasting memories with them. What’s easy to forget sometimes, though, is that safely operating bikes involves real responsibility. Every child benefits from being introduced and trained in developing skills, technical maintenance, traffic rules and courtesies and other safety precautions. And, here in our #HealthyLongmont, every child has the chance to learn and share with families while having tons of fun at Bicycle Rodeo events!

Mark your calendars for May 14! A big Bicycle Rodeo hosted at the Boulder County Fairgrounds by Boulder County Transportation with support from SVVSD and Bicycle Longmont will be a fantastic opportunity for kids ages 6 and up. There will be bike safety checks, helmet fittings, a bike skills course, and an interactive discussion on caring for bikes and biking for children. There will also be a host of activities that will help increase kids’ bike handling skills, including stopping and starting, being prepared for obstacles and debris on the road, and making quick turns, etc.

Getting excited just thinking about it? Us too. Good thing Bike to School Day makes for perfect practice focusing as a family on the art of safe and super cycling. Bike to School Day is a national campaign that first took place May 9, 2012, in coordination with the League of American Bicyclists’ National Bike Month, and schools all throughout SVVSD look forward to getting on board…or rather, on bikes, to celebrate. This year, make biking to school together an opportunity to observe and think ahead to skills that could use a little extra focus. Then, wheel on down to the Fairgrounds on the 14th to make that focus extra FUN!

What: Bicycle Rodeo
Time: 11 am – 1 pm
Date: May 14
Place: Boulder County Fairgrounds Barn A
Cost: Free

Photo credit: Boulder County Transportation Department

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