Take A Walk on the Healthy Side: ArtWalk Cafe Discount Program

artwalkThe healthy choice can be the easy choice, even when you’re swamped in the midst of a stressful work day. That’s especially the case if you’re lucky to work for an organization that promotes a healthy culture, like LUH. Not only is Longmont United Hospital (our LiveWell Longmont fiscal sponsor) a progressive leader in providing expert care for the community, it is truly committed to helping its employees stay healthy and happy, too.

Four months ago, Longmont United Hospital committed to a statewide initiative to implement measures designed to further develop our culture of health and wellness, the Colorado Healthy Hospital Compact (CHHC). Driven by former LUH Director of Nutritional Services Holly Werner, the program includes a recently implemented employee discount opportunity for food and bottled beverages sold in the Artwalk Café. The discount program features a two tiered structure: items which meet the Colorado Healthy Hospital Compact nutritional standards are discounted 25%; this includes mindful entrees, sides, and soups and certain bottled beverages. Other items that qualify for an employee discount but do not meet the Colorado Healthy Hospital Compact nutritional standards are discounted 10%.

Every day, evidence is mounting of the mega impact potential corporate wellness programs have on businesses of all sizes, which is turn significantly impacts community. More and more, businesses are integrating wellness strategies that value, shape, and promote wellness in and out of the workplace. Companies prioritizing space and opportunities to make fitness opportunities more accessible, for example. Worksite challenges encourage employees to develop a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Healthy diets are also coming to the forefront of workplace planning, with incentives such as the employee discount program at LUH, healthier vending machine options, and fresh fruits and veggies supplanting donuts at meetings becoming the new norm. For years, Longmont United Hospital has been ahead of the game, modestly but confidently leading all these trends.

The entire leadership team at LUH is wholeheartedly committed to the latest new initiative, which took effect April 6th. In addition to the new discount pricing structure, the Artwalk Café ensures that all items that meet the Colorado Healthy Hospital Compact nutritional standards are clearly marked on signage; menu items that meet the nutritional standards taste great; and, all salad bar items are available at the 25% discount. We know, raising healthy awareness takes a village, and is for the whole village, too. Thank you, LUH, for your support and efforts nurturing the health of our #HealthyLongmont community!


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